Anonymous: Zo models have bags under eyes. Like I have hereditary ones & wondering if I stand a chance

You do, lol.

Anonymous: do you still have a youtube channel?


Anonymous: Is smoking weed harmful to your healthy lifestyle?

Not at all, lol. Actually I went to the doctors today and all of my results were great; she said that I’m a very healthy person, nothing wrong at all, and that I should continue doing what I’m doing (and I smoke weed practically everyday).

Anonymous: How did you get the meeting with the other agency?

From my mother agency

Anonymous: Why'd you leave your agency in ny? And how'd you get a meeting with your dream agency and who are they?

Cause they’re bitches lol and I’m still waiting for an answer!

Anonymous: Ig?


husielhenry: its you <3

It’s me 😁

I need more health/fitness blogs to follow any suggestions!?
Anonymous: what does the frog and coffee emojis mean together? I don't get it (sorry for the stupid question I just don't have anyone else to ask)

It’s a meme, lol.