fashion-mode-o: 1st of all, i like your hair, and your eyebrows are on fleek lmaoo

Thanks lol

kasualcelestial: You're beautiful! 🌸

Thank you ☺️

Last call for questions (if you have any) about eating healthier/learning more about eating organic

I get these questions a lot and I’m making a video answering them ☺️

I get numerous amount of questions about my organic eating lifestyle, SO if you have any questions about it ask me now so I can make a video answering them all (it makes my life so much easier) 💓✨

bruhyoukillingthevibe: You a flower growing out of concrete you been through a lot and in the end you're a happy person don't give a duck and still go places with a smile on your face more females need to be like you and you just give off mad good vibes and you seem super chill I wish you were one of my friends

Aw this is the sweetest thing. Thank you so much 💓☺️

Anonymous: You look like Chanel Iman!!! Do you hear that a lot or am i the only one who thinks that? Lol

I do get that a lot, haha.

PepsiCo just dropped a quarter million dollars to defeat Measure 92 and deny our right to know what’s in our food.
Anonymous: I watched a documentary called "Fed Up" and they said the government has tried countless times to get food corporations to take off processed and unhealthy foods but they always come back and find away around it. Such as making products with less fat but add more sugar. Or adding more food products but with less calories.

Really? I should look up on that. thanks for sharing!